HOA Information

This is a general “readable” summary of the rules and structure of the Brookhill Homes Association. For the unabridged information, see Declaration Of Restrictions, Homes Association Declaration, and By-Laws. Scans of the actual legal documents can be found in the Legal Archive.

Resident Meetings

Generally, the HOA holds two meetings each year. These meetings are opportunities for all residents to receive important updates from the board, approve the HOA budget, present concerns and ideas, and participate in other voting business.

These meetings are determined by the HOA board, and the date and location are announced on this website as well as posted to Facebook.

HOA Governance

The Brookhill HOA was established as a non-profit corporation in 1986, under the laws of the state of Missouri. As such, the HOA is organized around and operates under the articles of the HOA bylaws.

Membership And Dues

As specified in the HOA bylaws, all home owners of Brookhill are members of the HOA and receive the right to participate in its affairs upon payment of required annual dues.

Annual dues are $500. Payment is due on January 1st and considered late on February 1st.

Please pay using a credit card on this website (a small transaction fee will be added), or make your check payable to “Brookhill Homes Association”. Mail to:

Brookhill Homes Association
5759 N Jackson Dr 
Kansas City, MO 64119-2897


The affairs of the HOA are overseen by a board of directors. The number of directors, their nomination and election, and their activities on the board are specified and governed by the HOA bylaws. Directors serve on a voluntary basis for 2-year terms, and are elected by the HOA members at the annual meeting.

Directors do not receive any compensation, with the exception of the director who manages the pool. After the first year of their term, the pool director is exempt from paying annual HOA as a compensation for overseeing pool operations and maintenance agreements.

Brookhill Lot Restrictions

Listed here are the restrictions considered to be the most pertinent to “owner-members” in the development and utilization of their property.

  1. Right to Approve Plans
    Any changes to the exterior design or construction on property must be approved by the board.
  2. Required Building Materials
    Roofs must be wood shingles, wood shakes, slate tile, or composition. However, if composition is used, the color must be approved by the board. Generally, dark gray and earth tones are acceptable. Exterior walls of a building, structure, or appurtenance shall be of brick, stone, wood shingles, wood siding, wood paneling, plate glass, vinyl siding, masonite, or a combination thereof. Windows, doors, and louvers shall be of wood, or metal and glass. Any building products which may come into general use for dwelling construction in this area shall be acceptable, if approved in writing by the board.
  3. Repair of Damages
    In the event of fire, windstorm, or other damage, no property shall be permitted to remain in a damaged condition for longer than 6 months.
  4. Outbuildings Prohibited
    No building or other detached structure may be erected without the approval of the board.
  5. Use of Land
    Any residence erected or maintained on any of the lots hereby restricted shall be designed for occupancy by a single family. No business buildings shall be erected, nor business of any nature conducted.
  6. Fences
    Fences are to be a maximum of 6 feet in height and be of wood. No metal, wire, or chain link fences of any type are allowed, except an ornamental metal fence (e.g., wrought iron) may be erected if approved in writing by the Board. On greenway lots, fencing is limited to a distance of fifteen feet from rear foundation walls. On corner lots, the constructed fence must not be nearer to the front street or the side street than the parallel projection of the side of the residence structure as actually built.
  7. Maintaining Sight Distance
    No fence, wall, hedge, or shrub planting should obstruct sight lines between 2 to 6 feet above the roadways on corner lots.
  8. Easements
    No trees, shrubbery, structures, buildings, or fences shall be placed within the area of drainage easements, which may interfere with the function for drainage purposes.
  9. Signs Prohibited
    No signs, advertisements, billboards, or advertising structures of any kind may be erected or maintained on any lot, without consent of the board.
  10. Vehicle Storage and Repairing Restriction
    All repairs on vehicles are to be done inside garages. No vehicles (including auto, truck, motorcycle, motorbike, motor scooter, boat, airplane, house trailer, RV, boat trailer, camping trailer, motor home, or vehicles of any other type) may be stored on any of the lots hereby restricted, unless within the confines of a building. However, this restriction does not prohibit the regular parking in the driveway of not more than 2 passenger automobiles in running condition and in a reasonable state of repair.
  11. Fuel Tanks Prohibited
    No tank for the storage of fuel may be maintained above the surface of the ground on any of the lots hereby restricted.
  12. Pet Restriction
    No wild, semi-wild, or domestic mammals, reptiles, or birds may be kept or maintained on any of the lots hereby restricted, except that no more than 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, or 2 birds may be kept on any such lots provided that they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purpose. Also, Kansas City has a leash law, so all pets must be leashed when off your property. As a courtesy to your Brookhill neighbors please when walking your dog, carry a plastic bag and pickup after your dog.

If additional information or clarification is needed, please contact a board member.