Neighborhood Events

Every year, the Brookhill Homes Association schedules several events for residents.

Dumpster Day

The HOA has Kansas City put a dumpster by the pool parking lot for residents to get rid of household items that don’t fit into the weekly allotment of 2 bags at the curb. The dumpster usually fills up fast, so go early!

4th Of July Parade

Brookhill kids decorate their bikes, hoverboards, scooters, or whatever, for a short Independence Day parade through the neighborhood. Neighbors often sit outside to view the spectacle as it rolls by. Kid-friendly food for all is at the end of the parade route.

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Twice a year, in spring and fall, a neighborhood garage sale is scheduled for a weekend, usually in conjunction with our Brooktree neighbors. The HOA puts out signs, and residents are invited to set their unwanted items out for sale.

Pool Parties

The HOA hosts parties for both the pool opening and closing each year. Food is provided, and all residents and their children are welcome to hang out and socialize with their neighbors.